Sunday, January 17, 2010

General Update

Here's where we all stand as far as the new Droid builds.

Outer Skins

After the inner skins have dried and sanded, The outer skins are next.
Here again I had to let Brenda do the gluing since I can't see it run.
The back door is also being taped and glued into place.
I didn't go into much detail about this process because Dave's plans
already tell much about the process.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skin Bonding

I found out that I can't glue :o(
Brenda had to do all the gluing because I can't see the drip that runs down the frame. She's got the glue down pat. It's such a small amount that it's almost like
not even using any at all.
But here's the body after a good sand with 220 grit paper.
I don't know if Dave E. sands his droids, But I like how it smooths every spot out.
Next will be adding the outer layer of skins and more sanding.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Inner Skins

After building your frame, It's time to lay on that 1st layer of skins.
You tape the front and back skin to the frame and adjust it the best you can so
all the doors and pockets line up.
You may have some spots that just don't set edge to edge and it may be a off spot
in the frame. I tried my best to get everything perfect, But I do have some bad spots.
Once your satisfied with the fit, You glue the skin to the frame from the inside.
I learned that when you use Weldon Glue, Use it very lightly.
Just a rolling drip down each frame rail that touches the skin is enough.
If you use to much glue it will melt and warp the skin. I would practice on some
scraps before you glue the real thing.

Frame Mod

The pictures show where I have been adding supports to the side area of the frame
and top the back of the frame. Do you need this in a Dave E. Frame? No.
I'm adding these because I wanted the frame extra ridged to with stand the torque
from going from 2 legs to 3 legs.
I will add some more supports to the front of the frame once I get the skins mounted.
Adding the supports sure made the frame much stronger, But it will make it a little
harder to get the glue to the inner skin.