Sunday, September 13, 2009

R5 Skins

And this is how it looks after cutting.
I only cut the areas where I will have something mounted or a opening for something to open.
When your working the skins you need to decide what will open on your droid.
I will only have one large door opening and the charge port opening.

Since the 3mm (1/8) Styrene has not arrived yet, We decided to work on the skins.
We all took turns using the cutting table and I've got 1 inner skin almost finished.
I went ahead and cut the sides, bottom and top down to the print.
But this is how it looks with the blueprint spray tacked to the styrene.

Once the frame material arrives, I'll have tons of pics to post.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ryobi Trimmer

This is the Trimmer I bought at Home Depot for around $80.00.
It's small and compact, So it should be easy to use.
The bottom of the Trimmer has 4 small screws that the large plate mount, But I
plan to use these holes for mounting the Trimmer upside down on a wood surface
to cut the frame circles. You can see the large plate has the same mounting holes.
I won't use the large plate except to get the measurements for mounting.

Once I get the Trimmer setup, I can start cutting my frame.
Everything I'm doing to build this droid is the Dave E. design and
he made a Trimmer setup just like this setup.